"Out Love is Resistance"

"Our Love is Resistance" Monday the 18th, at 19:00, at the Ramallah Cultural Palace

"Our Love is Resistance” is a cultural event organized by the Love in the Time of Apartheid campaign which aims to repeal the “Citizenship and Entry to Israel Law (temporary order)” which denies family unification of Palestinian families when one partner holds Israeli citizenship (or Jerusalem residency) and the other is a resident of the occupied Palestinian territory (among other domiciles), thus depriving these families of their civil, economic, social and health and other rights. 

“Our Love is Resistance” – is no ordinary event, it is part of our ongoing resistance of the Israeli occupation and a continuation of “Love in The Time of Apartheid’s” activities, which were launched in a symbolic wedding in march 2013 at Hizma checkpoint. 

The program will include singers Nai Barghouti and Jamil Sayeh, stand-up comedian Nidal Badarny, and a dance called “Desperate Attempt”. The event will feature a presentation about the law itself as well as the launch of a local petition. 

A volunteer based campaign, The “Love of in the Time of Apartheid” appeals to international human rights and civil society organizations, as well as, all people of conscious all over the world, to work together to hold Israel accountable and to exercise all forms of pressure on it in all regional and international forums until it revokes its “Citizenship and Entry to Israel Law (temp order)”.

We hope to see you Monday 18th of November, 7:00pm, at the Ramallah Cultural Palace. Tickets are available for NIS 20 and can be purchased at Zeit o Zatar Restaurant in Ramallah or Jasmine Cafe in Tireh, or by calling 0592.330.883. Please note that the program will be in Arabic